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Technical Goals of Transformer Maintenance

1. Introduction - IEEE Study

A study by the IEEE, of 3.787 transformers, with an accumulated 37.692 years of operation, concluded that:

"The insulation is the origin of the majority of the transformer defaults"

Extract from a conclusive study and report, titled Transformer Diagnosis: Part 1.
A Statistical Justification of Preventative Maintenance:
Presented by Mr. Michael Belanger, of Seidel Inc. in 1999.

The first and most important step of the identification of internal problems of the power transformer is a precise and relevant diagnostic of the actual state of its oil-cellulose system.

Unfortunately it is not commonly recognized that only consequent and complex monitoring only of the content of the aging products in the oil - as water, acids and gases (and of course particles) help avoid big troubles and unnecessary costs.

Therefore universal advice for any user is:

Keep your transformer clean.