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The ALTMANN Group is regarded much more as a SYSTEMS provider rather than a hardware producer. The equipment produced by ALTMANN or under it's control is always focussed at the complex solutions of the internal problems of a power transformers

  • starting with the plausible diagnostic of the moisture and dielectric problem (Tx-Multiscan)
  • the active treatment of the oil-cellulose system (ADT- , VS-Technology)
  • until the new approach to the oxidation ageing problem of transformers (TRAFOSEAL).
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We newly present online live stream videos of the ARS Altmann Products in a live environment.
List of currently available videos follows: VS-06: Installation
Diagnostics Water & Particles Removal Water, Gas & Particles Removal Oil Filtering Inovations
Tx-Multiscan ADT VS-06 S-03 TRAFOSEAL
In-situ evaluation of water / dielectric problem of transformer Adsorption / Desorption Technology Vacuum Separation continuous on-load filtration of tap-changers of main transformers transformer hermetization