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VS-06: Feedback and Technical Support

The communication software OPTIM virtually enables - by the remote control and monitoring of the VS-06 separator - easy and permanent optimization of the transformer dehydration process.

Regardless of how efficient any method of oil dehydration might be - the dehydration of the transformer means water removal from his cellulose materials. More over, any on-line transformer dehydration is ultimately governed by slow diffusion of moisture from cellulose in the oil and this process can be accelerated only by high temperature.

The second basic law of any on-line dehydration is:

high transformer temperature --› high moisture in oil --› high separation, but --› low dielectric strength of oil.

And in order to avoid the lowering the immediate reliability of transformer we have therefore to tune at least two antagonistic criteria in time-related profile:

  • max. separating efficiency of separator (max. water removal rate)
  • dielectric strength of oil - has to be maintained or improved

To achieve this target the separator VS-06 can be programmed directly (manually) via terminal of PCD 1 or remotely with the use of suitable PC or lap-top.

This way is possible not only to monitor and optimize the function of the VS-06 separator but to optimize the whole dehydration process as well, by strictly controlled warming-up of the transformer.

The figure above shows the structure of separator control systems and both connections between PCD1 and lap-top or remote PC.

Communication between the PCD1 and both computers - remote user PC and lap-top is provided by the firmware of the ARS Altmann Systems. For detailed information See Technical Support - Manuals - Optim Remote Control

The ARS expert can then not only directly help by the optimizing of a parameter setting of VS-06 separator and the transformer.but also by the evaluation and interpretation of monitored results. The interactive remote learning process warrants then a easy introduction of any ARS customer into new solutions of the moisture problem.