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Historical Highlights

1988 - 1991 Commercial application of VS-04 (on-power degassing units - hard piping connections) at Dukovany (CZ) - nuclear power station, Dalesice, Tusimice and others (CZ) power stations
1992 Commercial application of VS-05 (on-power degassing and dewatering units - hard piping connections) at Spolchemie – Usti n. Labem (CZ)
1995 Installation of first mobile VS-05 units at RWE in Germany
1998 Introduction of VS-06 with remote control & monitoring
1999 - 2000 Introduction of the filter unit S-02 for the on-line filtration of tap-changers
2000 - 2001 Introduction of  the new Adsorption /Desorption (Block) Technology (ADT) for the on-line dehydration of power transformers
2002 - 2003
  • Introduction of the mobile diagnostic unit SIMMS,
  • operational tests of the first version of the diagnostic software pack TRACONAL,
  • operational tests of the new hermetization technology TRAFOSEAL I and II
2003 - 2004 Introduction of the on-line dehydrator S-03 for tap-changers
2004 - 2006
  • Introduction of the vertical and horizontal version of the TRAFOSEAL II. for transformers,
  • introduction of the new version of  VS-06 CLIMABOX for the very heavy operational conditions,
  • upgraded version of the TRACONAL,
  • upgraded version of the SIMMS (miniSIMMS),
  • development of the on-line monitoring software TRAMON for power transformers (in conjuction with the ESB and the IC Energo),
  • development of the quantitative DGA diagnostic
  • development of the new version of ADT (ADT2006)

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