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ADT: Product Description


The on-line drying of transformers performed by ADT is based on absorption principle. The wet oil from the transformer is forced into ADT columns filled by molecular sieve 3A. Diluted water is bonded to molecular sieve and dry, filtered oil is forced back into the transformer.

The drying on-line process continues till the whole absorption capacity of columns is exhausted (columns has then to be replaced) or the amount of water in the transformer is reduced to a requested level.

For more technical details See please News / Manuals / ADT Operational Instructions.

The ADT is designed for plug & play operation and fully computer controlled to avoid any operation problems by:

  • hydraulical connection to a Tx via quick-couplings
  • start-up : both, inlet and outlet hydraulic hoses are set under vacuum to avoid any ingress of air into transformer
  • column replacement : before replacement are columns drained to minimize the oil loss
  • shut-down : columns are fully drained to minimize the mixing of oils between maintained transformers
  • replacement of filters : under vacuum to avoid an oil spill
  • mutual calibration of both Vaisala moisture sensors
  • safety valves : closed in 20 second after any failure or power outage
  • oil sump with leakage sensor
  • automatic restart after power outage
  • SCADA features : remote monitoring and control by OPTIM D2L software inclusive on-line evaluation of dielectric strenght of oil in a Tx, SMS connection