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This website was updated on 2022-08-10

Who we are

Within the Altmann Group and its affiliated partners, we accumulate several decades of technical and management expertise from the Energy, Transformer and Consulting Environment.

What we do

We are focused on the key issues of On-Line Maintenance of Oil-Cellulose System of Power Transformers above all on its on-power dewatering & degassing, the transformer online and offline oil regeneration and purification, so that the transformers of our customers can operate with secured and safe conditions and the shareholders can benefit from considerably reduced costs and risks.

Contact Us

You are welcome to visit us any time and we will be delighted to motivate You to share your ideas with the ARS ALTMANN Group.


We proudly present new version of VACUUM SEPARATOR VS-06 CLIMABOX
version 2005

  • On power recovery of oil dielectric strength
  • Minimum supervision or maintenance
  • Remote process monitoring and control
  • Moisture, gas and particles content can be reduced to the level of a new transformer
  • Installation and service with minimum manpower and energy
  • designed for very heavy conditions
And many other advantages of ARS VS-06 CLIMABOX.